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KSDE Ed-Flex Waiver Guidance and Application

Title I Waiver Request to exceed Title I Carryover Limitation of Once in 3 years

Newton USD 373 K-6 Interventionists and teachers, aides and administration in grades K-8 will receive training on the intervention program Number Worlds.  This will allow staff to have a program to support students struggling in mathematics.  The goal area of core instruction is one that the entire district is focusing on for this 5-year cycle of KESA. The intense focus in aligning assessments to standards and analyzing data to inform and validate instruction should show improved performance and learning of students across the district.

Within the last 3 years, the district received permission from the Kansas State Department of Education to carry over more than 15% of its Title I allocation. The district did not spend all of the 2022-2023 regular Title I allocation. The district is requesting an Ed-Flex waiver of the Title I carryover limitation of “once every 3 years” in order to carryover more than 15% of its 2022-2023 Title I allocation into 2023-2024.

The purpose of Title I is to help disadvantaged students reach challenging State standards. Title I provides supplemental services primarily in reading and mathematics. These services are designed to address the needs of high-risk populations.

The district will utilize the Title I carryover funds in the Title I program; therefore, the purpose of the program will be met.

Newton USD 373 has adopted Number Worlds, a math intervention program, that will be utilized in grades K-8.  Training will be provided to teachers, interventionists, aides and administration so that the various tools can be utilized to support students struggling in math.

Since the focus of Title I is to help students meet state challenging standards, the goal is for each Title I school and the district to meet the annual measurable objectives in reading and mathematics in 2023-2024.

The evaluation criteria will be the components of the accountability system using state reading and mathematics assessment results, participation rate data on those assessments and either attendance rate or graduation rate. In addition, the Final Carryover-Expenditure Report for the Title I funds carried over will indicate that all funds were expended in an appropriate manner and time.

Public Comments for Ed-Flex Waiver

The public, parents, and educators are invited to submit public comments on the Ed-Flex Waiver using the form below.


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