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Referral Process for Exceptionalities

Kansas has chosen to use general education interventions as a way to locate and identify school age children with exceptionalities. The purpose for general education interventions is to provide a problem-solving process to help support students with academic or behavioral concerns.

Once a concern for a student is identified, building-level teams meet to develop interventions. The team continues to monitor the student's progress regarding the concern. Interventions may continue for an indefinite period of time.

If a parent requests, in writing, a comprehensive evaluation of the child before the intervention phase is completed, the interventions may continue as a part of the evaluation. The comprehensive evaluation shall be completed within 60 school days from the date of the complete referral.

A referral for a comprehensive evaluation must be submitted in writing to the Director of Special Education or the building principal. The referral must consist of the; 1) reason for the referral, 2) results of hearing and vision screening, 3) the intervention documentation to date and, 4) the signed consent for evaluation.

Once this information is received in the special education office, it is date-stamped as a complete referral and the 60-day time line begins.

At the time a parent is asked to give his or her consent for the comprehensive evaluation, the building principal or other professional will review the Procedural Safeguards and Parents Rights.