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Newton's Science Olympiad team enjoys success at regional competition


On Saturday, the Newton Science Olympiad team competed in the Regional competition in Andover. This competition decides which teams are invited to attend the State competition in April at WSU. There were 16 teams total and Newton came in 5th overall!

"Our students absolutely crushed it. Plus they brought home tons of medals, ribbons, and a trophy!" coach Kiley Preheim said.

Preheim says the success at this competition was significant, as this is only our third year after a restructuring and change in coach leadership.

The middle school Science Olympiad program is funded primarily through grants and donations which allows 29 students from diverse backgrounds to participate at no cost.


The Newton teams participate in 23 high-level competitions which span the scientific disciplines.


Individual event results:


Santa Fe Students

Malik Lozano and William Simmering - 1st place in Flight, 4th place in Dynamic Planet

Davy Bjerum and Sophia Goerzen - 1st place in Fast Facts, 3rd place in Forestry

Caity Ribble and Samara Kendall - 3rd place in Tower and 4th place in Roller Coaster

Alonzo Valle and Roman Florez - 4th place in Ecology, 4th place in Air Trajectory

Tabitha Mesecher - 4th place in Disease Detectives and 4th place in Anatomy and Physiology

Honorable Mention to Addyson Seybert, Javier Hernandez, Charlie Regier 


CMS Students

Ava Connor and Scout Wedel - 1st place in Can't Judge a Powder, 6th place in Optics

Ava Connor, Scout Wedel, and Andrew Zhuang - 4th place in Experimental Design

Jenna Kopper and Kaitlyn Schmidt - 1st place in Fast Facts, 1st place in Forestry, 5th place in Roller Coaster

Sophia Eicher - 1st place in Reach for the Stars  

Kaitlyn Schmidt and Alexis Hernandez - 2nd place in Air Trajectory

Kiyah Zhuang and Kelsey Wolfe - 2nd place in Anatomy and Physiology, 3rd place in Write It Do It, 4th place in Crime Busters

Daphne Masem and Alfredo Rubio - 3rd place in Road Scholar, 4th place in Fossils, 4th place in Meteorology  

Owen Johnson and Shay Huddleston - 3rd place in Ecology, 5th place in Microbe Mission

Brooklyn Sanchez - 4th place in Disease Detectives and 4th place in Anatomy and Physiology  

Parker Pierce and Noah Rouse - 5th place in Wind Power

Sam Menninga and Andrew Zhuang - Honorable Mention for Flight