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Athletic Hall of Fame


As a community member, you are entitled and encouraged to nominate past Newton High School athletes, coaches, or others you feel are deserving of the honor for the Newton High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominations will be accepted through May 1. Any nomination received after that date will be held until the next year.

Criteria for a Person to be Nominated

1.    The nominee must, during and following his/her career, have exemplified the pride and spirit that is Newton athletics.
2.    If an athlete, he/she must be a Newton High School graduate and have been out of high school for at least ten (10) years.
3.    If a coach, he/she must have coached at Newton High School for at least five (5) years and been out of coaching at Newton High School for at least five (5) years.
4.    If an at-large nominee, the person must have made significant contributions to the NHS athletic program.

To submit your nomination, complete and return this form:

Nomination Form.pdf



  • 1995—Phil E. Anderson, Clyde "Shorty" Coulson, Forrest "Frosty" Cox, Bill Lienhard, Frank Lindley, W.M. "Okie" Okerberg, John Ravenscroft
  • 1996—Dr. Bill Brainard, Arthur Darling, Milt "Tiny" Gray, Bill McCloud, Leason "Pete" McCloud, David Piehler
  • 1997—Don Bafus, Larry Davenport, Clay Gray, Lanoy Loganbill, Albert Martinez, Dick Morgan, Henry Wiebe
  • 1998—J. Ralph Brown, John Dewell, Ken Schlup
  • 1999—Lelus Brown, Curtis Fischer, Elyse Funk Boston, Michelle Funk
  • 2000—Russell “Sticker” Briar, Delbert Erickson, Kent Franz, Walter Willis
  • 2001—Alan Denno, Mario Garcia, Darla Jones Nikkel, Vernon Smith, Dennis Walker
  • 2002—Cynthia Alexander Perkins, Myron “Sonny” Enns, Paul Schmidt
  • 2003—Clay Hedrick, Clifford King, Paul Miller
  • 2004—Mike Garcia, Randy Mathews, Richard Maxwell, Jodi Schmidt Stowell
  • 2005—Rochelle Schmidt, Renee Shoger Erickson, Dennis Walker
  • 2006—Todd Christian, Jolynn Hiebert Lorimor, Doug Yoder
  • 2007—LeAnna Beall, Johnny Edwards, Jay Franz
  • 2008—Clay Anderson, Brent Coffman, Alisa Ferrell Suarez, Phil Scott, David Wright
  • 2009—Naaman Brown, Wade Brubacher, Jim Lewis, Jodie Musser Beck, Vincent Walker
  • 2010—Ron Capps, Muadianvita Kazadi, Chris Jones
  • 2011—Jan and Phil Anderson III, Ted Tolbert, Dave Winter
  • 2012—John Bacon and Rick Whitfield
  • 2013—Harold Hauck, Candace Roberson, Matt Shuckman, and Jack Thaw, Jr.
  • 2014—Todd Akers, Gene Rogers, and Justin Thaw
  • 2015—Brian Gray, Kyle Farrell, Maisha Prewitt Dible, and Glenn White
  • 2016— Shelly Ashcraft Bartel, Bob Graber, Janae Voelker, Bruce White
  • 2017— Michelle Bradbury Bergquist, Merl Sturd, and Donald Thaw
  • 2018— Ken Franz, Floyd “Skippy” Garnett, Nick Hoheisel and Jack Jermaine “JJ” Thaw III
  • 2019—Fred Becker, Kabandnyi (Kab) Kazadi and Jordan Voelker
  • 2020—Dan Benninghoff, Roger Gillispie, Richard Mick
  • 2021—Ted Jantz, Paige McKinney Pippin, Gordon Stineman, Karl Younkman