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District Directed Transfer Procedures


In order to establish a base point for making enrollment decisions, all students are automatically assigned to their home attendance center each year.

When a class reaches the maximum advisable enrollment for a class, the procedure for a district directed transfer or enrollment may be initiated.

The following guidelines are established for this purpose.

  1. Whenever a class exceeds the maximum advisable enrollment at the elementary level, district directed transfers shall be considered.  The following factors shall be considered in making the decision to require transfers:

    1. Whether the size of the class is temporary or permanent

    2. Special needs of the students and availability of services

    3. Nature of the class

    4. Other extenuating circumstances

  2. The priorities for enrollment will be used as guidelines for district directed transfers.  The following factors may also be considered in making this decision:

    1. Siblings also currently enrolled in the same center

    2. Length of attendance at that school

    3. Location of residence in the attendance center

    4. Special program or services needed by child

    5. Changes in enrollment center boundaries

    6. Other extenuating circumstances

  3. Students who have started the school year in a given attendance center will not be required to transfer from that attendance center after the school year has started if the family and/or child moves to another residence within the district.

  4.  Transportation will be provided for district directed transfers when such transfers are outside the home attendance center.  The pick-up point will be determined by the district.

  5. An attempt will be made to accommodate a family that has been district directed to a new school and allow them to make a choice the following year to: 1.) stay in the district directed school and provide their own transportation or 2.) go to their home school.

Rev. 4/18/17 

USD 373 bus aide Michelle Solomon stands on a district bus