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Emergency Operations Plan

About the USD 373 EOP

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for USD 373 was developed in conjunction with Kansas Safe and Secure Schools and local responders. We express our thanks to the Newton Police Department, Newton Fire Department, Harvey County Sheriff’s Office, and Harvey County Emergency Management.

For the safety of our students and staff, only basic information of the plan is available online. Portions of the Emergency Operations Plan that have been released to the public are available below.


     a.   Introduction

All educational institutions are vulnerable to threats, hazards and disasters which have the potential to cascade into emergencies or disasters.  It is critical for school officials along with first responders, emergency management and local government officials to prevent or mitigate, plan for, respond to and recover from these potential incidents.

The intent of an emergency operations plan is to provide an overview of Newton USD 373’s approach to emergency operations.  It describes the USD 373, its emergency response policies, procedures and assigns tasks.  The primary audience for this plan is the superintendent’s staff, key administrators and policy makers (Board Members).  This plan will help serve as the foundation for the more operationally oriented building level plans.

    b.   Promulgation Statement and Approval

The Newton School District is committed to the safety and preparedness of its students, staff and its visitors.  In support of this commitment, the Board of Education has asked for a thorough review of this District’s Emergency Operations Plans (EOP).  The EOP that follows will assist this District in saving lives, minimizing property damage and preserving the environment.  Our signatures signify our commitment to keep the plan current and to provide training and resources to the school’s personnel in the All-Hazards approach to school crisis management.  This is to verify that USD 373’s Emergency Operations Plan is hereby approved, is in force and supersedes all previous editions.