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School Closing/ Weather

Snow at McKinley Administrative Center on a winter day

Safety First

Canceling school is a complicated decision that affects students, staff and families. Our schools provide students with a safe and stable place to learn. Some students rely on the school district for breakfast and lunch. Canceling school may cause some families hardships related to finding childcare. Canceling school is an exception and we do everything possible to keep schools open.

Some criteria used in making the decision to cancel school:

  • The safety and well-being of students and staff
  • Severity of the weather (extreme cold, flooding, etc.)
  • Timing of weather (overnight, weekend, etc.)
  • The ability for buses and cars to travel safely

If it is decided to close schools or delay the start time, every attempt will be made to announce the decision by 6:30 a.m. 

School closings and other urgent information will be relayed via the following communications:

  1. Phone, email and text messages will be sent to parents/guardians and staff via the district’s Notification Service.
    Please check your information in the parent portal or contact your school’s office to verify your contact information.

  2. Notices will be posted at the following locations:
    District Home Page
    District Twitter Account
    District Facebook Page
  3. Radio & TV Announcements will be made over area stations.

Athletics & After School Activities/Events

  • All athletics cancellations, changes, and postponements will be posted on the Athletics Calendars
  • NRC Clubhouse (Latchkey program) will be closed if school is cancelled.
  • All other event notices will be posted on the district's Calendar of Events which is updated live as information is entered. 

Emergency Closing During the Day

Schools will not generally be dismissed because of storms arising during the school day, as long as students and teachers can remain at school in safety. The primary reason for this is to avoid the dangers of sending students home when the parent is absent. If a school is dismissed prior to the regular dismissal time, every possible attempt will be made to notify the parents or guardians to be aware that the students are coming home. During threatening weather parents should take care to supply to the school an alternate name or destination to be used in case the parent cannot be reached.

Tornado Warnings

If a tornado warning occurs during the hours that your student is in school, he/she will remain at school until the all-clear signal has been announced by radio or TV. Regular tornado drills are scheduled and students are instructed by their teachers as to the safest location in school.